Tuition payments are made solely through brightwheel. Once your registration application is received by the preschool, you will be prompted to join brightwheel in order to pay the registration fee ($120) and all subsequent tuition payments.

The registration fee will be waived for members of Embry Hills UMC, and families with multiple students at the school will receive a $5 monthly tuition discount for the oldest sibling.

Preschool tuition is due on the 10th day of the month prior to the month being billed. For instance, September’s tuition is due on the 10th day of August. You will receive a statement 5 days prior to the tuition due date (in this case, on or about August 5th).

2023-24 Monthly Tuition Rates

Class Monthly Tuition
One-Year, 2-Day $210
Two-Year, 3-Day $250
Two & 1/2-Year, 3-Day $250
Two & 1/2-Year, 5-Day $280
Three-Year, 3-Day $260
Three-Year, 5-Day $280
Pre-K, 5-Day $300
Kindergarten, 5-Day $340