As you are registering as part of Embry Hills Preschool and Kindergarten, there are some important changes to be aware of:

Class sizes are smaller and there are slightly fewer class options.
Some age groups have, for instance, on a 3-day option where there were more options in years past. It is our sincere hope to meet the needs of all families with regard to availability, but this semester may look a bit different.

Parents must use carpool for drop off and pick-up; only teachers, staff, and church staff will be allowed in the building.
Families are welcome to schedule a time to bring their student to tour the preschool, outside of school hours.

We have gone digital!
Families should join and be familiar with brightwheel, as we are using this digital platform for communication as well as all billing.

COVID trends continue to influence our community.
We continue to monitor COVID cases in our community just as you may. Information is powerful and can affect our plans. Please know we will do our very best to keep you informed if there is a shift in our trajectory. Thank you for your patience and understanding.